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Dubai -  The Venus Fly Trap Holidaying in Dubai is just Lunacy, why would anyone even go there?  I often sit watching the news and see yet another report of some poor, sweat covered individual locked up in in a ghastly, cockroach ridden overcrowded shoeb
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Pure olive oil soap – Make this pure soap Make your own soap at home using the cold process method             100% Olive oil soap is a pure soap that has no additives; it nourishes and conditions the skin leaving it soft and supple.  Olive oil soap ha
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 Basics of home made soap making - Make a simple soap for hand & body Make your own soap at home using the cold process method This is a basic, simple soap that I make for my family. It’s got no additives, no perfume and it’s a great cleansing and
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Safety in soap making After a while of mistakes and the odd burnt finger that could have been worse, I came to the conclusion that safety in soap making is of the utmost importance.  I have listed the basic safety equipment you will need in this blog   B
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Basics of home made soap making - The things you will need Make your own soap at home using the cold process method I started making homemade soap about 12 months ago with a varying degree of success and a few disasters. It is my hope today to give you
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My First Blog So this is my first blog on shoom, I am not sure what direction my blog will take so I think I will go with a saying my dad always says, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, or in this case one word at a time. I welcome you to
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