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First you go to the shops and buy the ingredients.  You will need: shaving foam, glue , colouring ( optional ), borax or contact lense solution and baking soda,bowl and spoon, glitter if you want.Then mix glue and shaving foam together. When thats mixed mi
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 Basics of home made soap making - Make a simple soap for hand & body Make your own soap at home using the cold process method This is a basic, simple soap that I make for my family. It’s got no additives, no perfume and it’s a great cleansing and
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Safety in soap making After a while of mistakes and the odd burnt finger that could have been worse, I came to the conclusion that safety in soap making is of the utmost importance.  I have listed the basic safety equipment you will need in this blog   B
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Basics of home made soap making - The things you will need Make your own soap at home using the cold process method I started making homemade soap about 12 months ago with a varying degree of success and a few disasters. It is my hope today to give you
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My First Blog So this is my first blog on shoom, I am not sure what direction my blog will take so I think I will go with a saying my dad always says, one foot in front of the other, one step at a time, or in this case one word at a time. I welcome you to
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STRESSFUL DAY WOW today is a stressful day. I have been baby sitting for what seems like forever and little ones seem to SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEM for no reason. Why do they do that? OMG WHY DO THEY SCREAM??? Like they are not injured, they are not hungry, they
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test blog
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