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Dubai - The Venus Fly Trap

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Dubai - The Venus Fly Trap

Dubai -  The Venus Fly Trap

Holidaying in Dubai is just Lunacy, why would anyone even go there? 

I often sit watching the news and see yet another report of some poor, sweat covered individual locked up in in a ghastly, cockroach ridden overcrowded shoebox that doubles as a prison cell accused of the crime because that individual brushed past his so called victim.

There is an alarming number of  these ridiculous so called crimes, where people are accused of  adultery and locked up in a squalid cesspit because they dared to report they had been raped. There are numerous cases of people being locked up and accused of drug trafficking for carrying their prescription medications and while they are locked up denied the medical treatment they need. And the common occurring theme? The individual is left with no savings and debts, even selling their home to pay for legal fees which are never reimbursed.


The likelihood of someone being accused of a fabricated crime is so great that the public are routinely warned not to visit that country as a tourist. So why do families continue to visit this backward country?  Surely now after all this time of persistent, ridiculously trumped up  and fabricated charges people would be steered away from visiting this Venus flytrap. When do people begin to understand this country is  deeply Islamic despite its false facet of the middle east version of Las Vegas. Dubai is NOT a tourist destination, Dubai is Saudi Arabia with tinsel, masquerading as an exciting sun filled getaway for western tourists. 


Dubai is not female friendly, the numerous accounts of women reporting sexual offences only to be charged with having sex outside of marriage or adultery and lockup for months in squalid conditions is quite frankly so frightening that this alone should be a stark warning to western tourists to never visit this country. Women are routinely jailed for reporting sexual offences in this Arab emirate state. You would be shocked at how common this actually is. Take the case of a young British National woman detained for having sex outside marriage after reporting she has been gang raped by two men from Birmingham who filmed the horrific act on their phone. The men were allowed to return home but it was she that was punished.

Dubai  has only a limited underdeveloped legal justice system where the first person, unless your female is the first person to be believed. Take the case of the young scottish man accused of indecency and locked up for 3 months for touching a man's hip while moving through a crowded bar with a drink in his hand. The man has since been released but not before the public outcry. Just Imagine there not been the publicity surrounding this case?

In a country that will jail you for holding hands or kissing in public or accuse you of drug trafficking for carrying your prescription cancer medications why on earth would you ever want to visit there or even worse subject your children to such dangers. Dubai maybe all glitz and glamor but its a venus fly trap for western tourists too gullible to see past the pretty brochures that tout it as a suitable holiday destination. It's NOT a suitable holiday destination, Don’t GO or don’t whine when you are eaten by the monstrous flower.  


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