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Safety in soap making

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Safety in soap making

Safety in soap making

After a while of mistakes and the odd burnt finger that could have been worse, I came to the conclusion that safety in soap making is of the utmost importance.  I have listed the basic safety equipment you will need in this blog 

 Basics-of-Home-made-Soap-Making-The-things-you-will-need .

Please look at this before starting your soap making project

safety in soap making

Lets talk about LYE

The constant in soap making is LYE, caustic soda or sodium hydroxide. If you look on shop bought soaps they may try to trick you by calling it saponified sodium hydroxide but this is a rouse, its LYE end of.


You need to 100% sodium hydroxide / lye in crystal form. Don’t be tempted to use drain cleaners like drano as these are not always 100% lye and have other ingredients such as perfume, potassium and metals. You don’t want any of this in your soap.  

lye crystals 

This is what lye crystals should look like

Lye aka caustic soda is CAUSTIC as the name says. It can burn, it can burn fabric so imagine what it can do to your skin or eyes. BE EXTRA CAREFUL when using lye. Use gloves and eye protection and a mask when working with lye.

Always ADD the LYE to the water and not the other way around as this can cause the mixture to EXPLODE.

REMEMBER THIS – ADD WATER TO LYE AND YOU MAY DIE. It’s an extreme rhyme but it can be useful when starting out soap making

Once the mixture is mixed it will fizz and fume for about 30 seconds, it may cause a stinging in your throat. Don’t worry this will not last long and causes no damage. Even though lye is caustic and dangerous when it reacts with your oils in the correct quantity it saponifys  and no lye will remain in your  produced soap.

Use equipment that will not be used for your cooking because you don’t want to contaminate food with caustic soda. Use stainless steel or tempered glass. Copper or aluminium will react with the lye and plastic may melt.

Always keep your chemicals out of the way of children, Its always best to attempt soap making when the kids are not around as kids have the amazing ability to get into absolutley everything you don't want them to get into. 

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 Basics-of-Home-made-Soap-Making-The-things-you-will-need .

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