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Basics of Home made Soap Making - The things you will need

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Basics of Home made Soap Making - The things you will need

Basics of home made soap making - The things you will need

Make your own soap at home using the cold process method

soap set

I started making homemade soap about 12 months ago with a varying degree of success and a few disasters. It is my hope today to give you a basic overview and some useable resources for you to to be able to start your soap making hobby today.


Things you will need

1)                1)      A basic functioning kitchen

2)    Lye/Sodium hydroxide which is generally available in hardware stores as a drain cleaner. The substance usually come in little crystal balls and looks like this picture.

Sample of sodium hydroxide as pellets in a watchglass

3)   Basic safety equipment (which you probably already own), or can get from the hardware store such as EYE protectors, gloves. When many soap makers first start out, they don’t give much thought to how to make handmade soap safely. 

 soap making tools

4)     Simple ingredients, such as cooking oils and fragrances that are readily available in your grocery and health food stores. Olive oil works well as does vegetable oil and even lard. Basically anything you have in your pantry. Other ingredients can be natural colouring and essence oils to make things smell delicious.

 soap making oils

5)       Food Thermometer, Digital cooking scales and a microwave oven

other soap making tools

6) Hand blender, mixing bowls and mixing utensils (not plastic, aluminium or copper)


 These are the basic things you will need to set up your new hobby in soap making. As you can see most of these items you will already have in your kitchen / pantry so it will cost you very little to actually start the process of making your own, natural soaps.

Use equipment that will not be used for your cooking because you don’t want to contaminate food with caustic soda. Use stainless steel or tempered glass for measuring and mixing. Copper or aluminium will react with the lye and plastic may melt.


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